Japheth (Jay + Fifth) Hurlbut-Nystrom


Arizona State Parks and Trails (AmeriCorps)

GIS Technician: 2016-Present

  • Digitized with attributes the blue prints/6(f)(3) maps, project inspection points, and scope of work points for the Land and Water Conservation (LWCF) grant program 6months before deadline
  • Utilized relationship classes within Arc Collector app to create an inspection process for the LWCF grant program that incorporated the digitized boundaries, inspection points and scopes of work points
  • Created multiple ad hoc maps for planning/development, archeologist, grant programs and operations
  • Collected and processed trail, structure and utility data for various State Parks to be utilized in web applications
  • Initiated operation procedures and taught others how to take advantage of the web maps

City of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

GIS Technician Intern: 2014-2016

  • Collected and processed over 1500 points features for the development of a data driven page map book
  • Updated and digitized Terminal 4 restaurants through georeferencing blue prints or converting AutoCAD files to shapefiles
  • Provide quality control for other intern’s GIS work products
  • Created Fire evacuation Maps as per city standard for each terminal
  • Digitized 700 features through aerial photo planimetric
  • Produced parcel ownership analysis for Phoenix City Council using county accessor map records
  • Assisted with a police investigation through the data analysis with ArcGIS

U.S. Marine Corps

Intelligence Analyst: 2004-09

  • Trained and utilized GIS platforms: C2PC, FalconView and MarineLink
  • Maintained 10 different databases used by congressional committees and intel agencies
  • Devised and implemented a new protocol for efficient data entry for GIS platforms
  • Presented and communicated intel briefs to commanders, staff, and operators
  • Supervised and led different intelligence teams in Western Iraq as a Sergeant
  • Analyzed aerial reconnaissance photos for explosive devises
  • Held a Top Secret SCI clearance

Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney World Attraction Operator: 2010-13

  • Operated the Haunted Mansion and Enchanted Tiki Room attractions while ensuring safety, courtesy, show and efficiency for all guests

Academic Training

Arizona State University:

MASGIS: 2015-2016

  • Course Work Skills: Intermediate ArcGIS, Spatial Statistics, Model Builder, Metadata, Raster Analysis, Weighted Analysis, GIS Databases, ESRI Business Analyst Online, ArcGIS Online and Arc Collector
  • Computer Language Exposure: Python, SQL, HTML, CSS and Java Script
  • Site Selection Research Project: Proposed possible site locations for a fictitious radar based upon the automation of several iterators and geoprocessing steps within model builder in ArcGIS in order to narrow down the optimal two acre site
  • ESRI Online Training: Parcel Editing (Editing with COGO) and Geocoding (Address Locators)
  • Graduated August 2016

BS Geography with an emphasis in GIS: 2014-2015

  • ArcGIS skills: Geoprocessing Tools, Network Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Digitizing and Georeferencing
  • GIS Certificate with courses taken: GIS I, GIS II, Intro to Cartography, Statistics, Research and Methods, Java and C++
  • Researched the relationship between Phoenix home values and the new flight paths from Sky Harbor Airport
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Valencia College (Orlando, FL):

Associate in Arts: 2011-13

  • Technical Courses: AutoCAD (Intro), Engineering Drawing Drafting, Construction Materials and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

  • ArcGIS skills: geoprocessing tools, network analysis, spatial analysis, digitizing and georeferencing
  • GIS Certificate with courses taken: GIS I, GIS II, Intro to Cartography, Statistics, Research and Methods, Java and C++

Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center: 2005


  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and 3 Certificates of Commendations
  • Boy Scout Eagle Scout